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A business provides solutions and makes profit in return. But a brand evokes emotion and wins your business followership. A business is not a brand! Brands are the recipe for the cake and the branding, the icing on the cake.

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Branding isn’t simply a visual identity, and a lot of start-ups go wrong by undervaluing the importance of branding initiatives.

A business or a brand?

I have my business registered. Yes. That’s a legal requirement and gives your business the birth record in the eyes of the law. At least that is the only individual that matures at birth—it doesn’t need to wait until its 18th birthday to take action! But, that business is not yet a brand.

In this era of unlimited choices you need to stand out from the crowd. What emotions does your business evoke? Evoking emotions is what brands do. Yes. Coca-cola is just a brand of the business, Nigeria Bottling Company. Milo is one of Nestle’s brand; Indomie is from DUFIL Prima Foods Plc.; Oats n’ Milk is one of A&P Foods biscuit … and the list goes on and on.

A brand is the only cake that gets eaten and is never exhausted! A brand is just one (or the only) emotion(s) your business evokes. A business can have just one brand like Ovaltine. It can as well have an array of brands, each with its unique value proposition and message like NBC’s Coke, Eva, etc.

An invaluable asset

Think of branding as a vehicle for communicating your value to the world, engaging consumers on an emotional level, and creating a sense of ownership for your customers and fans.

Businesses, especially startups, put the left foot forward by undervaluing the importance of branding. Branding isn’t simply a visual identity. It is an invaluable asset. Intangible as it is, rightly built, it can value far more than all your physical assets put together! A brand is the personality of your offering.

A strong brand paints a picture of your unique selling point and clearly communicates to the consumer why they should choose you over competition. Brands have basic blocks that serve as the recipe for baking the cake, these are what evokes the emotion of the consumer and turns him into a customer. These basic blocks are known as brand assets and are briefly described below.

A Name

A brand name is not a careless contraption, it is the identifying personality of your offering. In Africa, everything is in a name. So nowhere else should we be most particular about naming our brands. Brand names can be:

Good brand names convey the brand’s position, tone, and values through other assets to reinforce the brand message and etch it on minds.


The human brain deciphers images and colours faster than words. A logo is the unique image that represents a brand. It is a key component of a brand’s visual identity. A logo can be text, symbol, image or combination.
The logo identity can be compared to the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg itself comprises the majority of the mass, while the visual portions above the waterline represent the logo within a marketing community.
Logos are a tangible way to express some of the essence and characteristics of a brand, but there’s no way a logo can represent or illustrate everything about your brand. It should be the outcome of a wider branding process that explores an organization’s vision, value proposition, and how customer perceptions and experiences match or diverge from what the company thinks of itself internally. The idea being to use these insights to fine tune your offerings and tweak your customers mind to think about you.

Marketing collateral

Your marketing collateral are all the assets that bear your brand. Marketing collateral range from thoughtless handouts like business cards to giveaways such as mugs, flash drives, etc. It also includes fliers, DPs, banners, and other resources, physical or electronic that connects with your brand.

There has to be consistency and visual acuity in fonts, colour, layout and styling irrespective of presentation.


Anyone can create a website! Agreed. However, your site is a click-and-mortar shop and is your primary online personality. Don’t own a website just because others do. A business website is an invaluable tool for telling your brand story, sharing perspectives that reinforce your message and offering, and engage your customers real-time.

A good site is a balance between design and functionality. It showcases your brand personality, gauges how your customers perceive your brand and products. Above all it holds rich and valuable content that makes customers stay on your site and want to share with friends.

Promotional strategy

While there is the gold rush to capture mind share on social media. Social media is not all there is to promoting your business and brand. That your kind of business may not thrive on social media is not a let-down.

A well-rounded promotional strategy is key to engaging the right audience and propagating your brand. A well-rounded promotional strategy is long term, consistent and multidimensional.

Etch your business on minds today—build a brand!

Stand out

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In a crowded field of competitors, distinctive branding makes you stand out. And getting noticed is vital for success.

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